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The Shadow of Saganami by David Weber

Cover art by David Mattingly

Published by Baen Books

Reviewed by Leigh Kimmel

Over the years, David Weber's Honor Harrington universe has grown so broad that a single series of books can no longer adequately follow all the storylines that have developed. Now he opens a new series for the adventures of Honor's various proteges, whom she has trained over the past several volumes of the main series.

And she has taught them well, in the finest naval tradition of the Kingdom of Manticore. Whether in the elegant dance of diplomacy or the hot fires of battle, they are ready to give their best, and nothing less.

There are plenty of dangers for them to face, from pirates and Mesan slavers to corrupt politicians. Now that Manticore is exerting its influence in the Talbott Cluster, a hitherto impoverished backwater area of space, it is essential that the star nation be regarded in a positive light by the locals. But several political elites hope to poison the waters, never mind what their "consistuencies" might think about the matter.

Don't miss this latest installment in a fascinating universe.

Review posted December 15, 2008

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